Creative Copy Writer

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

This job is not available any more.

Nana Direct is the first online shopping and delivery to houses service in KSA. We are working cover all the Kingdom. Expanding coverage areas require more time and effort to ensure the highest quality level of provided service. You can browse all supported locations and add your mobile number to be notified every time we expand into new areas.

Job Responsibilities:

• Craft marketing writing for all internal and external marketing needs, maintaining brand standards and ensuring clarity of messaging. 

• Produce copywriting work for promotional brochures, advertisements, newsletters, postcards, billboards, catalogs, emails, websites, scripts, whitepapers, research documents, social media posts, and other materials to support our client marketing Work and assist in creating, editing, and reviewing comprehensive business documents such as but not limited to: advertisement materials, user guides, online help, in-app documents and technical specifications.efforts. 

• Conceive and execute both copy and content which deliver to the input. 

• Research and write articles and marketing collaterals, create brand communication to engage stakeholders across communication touch points including social media. 

• Create and review all social media copy to encourage new followers, while utilizing a positive, active voice. 

• Proof all outgoing marketing materials in English and Arabic for typos, incorrect grammar, and poor word choice, and ensure proper tone of voice throughout. 

• Participate in and contribute to the new-business activities. 

• Work with marketing team to craft marketing plans and map out future promotions. 

• Comply with quality standards as determined by best practices and guidelines. 

• Participate in person-centered care initiatives undertaken by HMG. 

• Enrich patient experience with compassion, respect and dignity, as per work requirements. 

• Perform other applicable task and duties assigned within the realm of his/her knowledge, skills and abilities. 

Skills Needed:

• Fluent in Arabic and English. 

• Professional at Arabic & English Grammar, both written and oral. 

• Strong creative writing skills with ability to write concise, attention grabbing and hard-hitting copy that puts the message across the targeted audience. 

• Proficient in business writing in Arabic and English 

• Have detailed knowledge of the target audience of each project and maintain accurate tone of voice. 

• Flexibility, adaptability, and the ability to learn quickly in various technical and creative environments, while delivering quality work by tight deadlines. 

• Strong proofing/copy editing skills. 

• Motivate and inspire others, promote positive morale, contribute to enhance performance of others, and model organizational values. 

• Demonstrate knowledge of person-centered-care Philosophy and shows potential fit in the HMG’s culture of person-centered-care.